What is VCA?

Whereas in the past, the employer mainly drew the attention of companies to the health and safety of their own workers, the Wellness Act of August 4, 1996 extended the scope of vision to work with third parties. In these situations, agreements must be concluded to ensure the health, safety and well-being of all concerned. The principal must ensure that the contractor (contractor) complies with the necessary preventive measures when carrying out the work. In addition, each client has the obligation to repel insecure entrepreneurs.

The law does not specify how to proceed. It is up to the client to find the appropriate way. One of the possibilities is to use contractors who have a label, declaration or certificate proving the application of a safety assessment system. Several safety assessment systems have been developed, enabling contractors to demonstrate that they comply with the necessary preventive measures in order to limit as far as possible the risks to their own workers and those of the principal. For example, the VCA system was introduced in the Netherlands at the instigation of petrochemical companies.

This system is primarily intended for entrepreneurs who carry out riskier activities. VCA (LSC - Contractors' Safety, Health and Environment Checklist) is a certification process whereby a certification body verifies, by means of an audit of the company and its workplaces, whether the applicant meets the assessment criteria for VCA certification.

This system comes from the Netherlands. Since 1 September 1999, a VCA structure has also been operational in Belgium, managed by the non-profit organisation BeSaCC-VCA and whose central body is the CEdE (Executive Committee of Experts). The abbreviation VCA comes from the original Dutch term VCA (”Veiligheid-, gezondheid- en milieu- Checklist Aannemers") and has been used in this document instead of the LSC translation (Contracting Companies SSE Checklist).

The term VCA has almost become a recognised brand throughout the world of principals and contracting companies.

Our level of VCA certification - Walhin paints in Liege

This level of certification covers the direct management of HSE aspects in the workplace, without the use of subcontractors.